To train the mind and body in karate


Karate is a beautiful tradition of Japan .
The Karate , is what was joined by the surface of the “道 road ” to aim the completion of the personality through karate training .
In the Edo era , martial arts fused with ancient spiritual culture ( ideas and ethics ) , is established as one of the liberal arts , became a Budou .
We thought and mind to become the inner in Budou , if it is possible to polish the body .

智 To grasp the truth of things , cognition to find out truth。
仁 Heart of love caring partner
紲 No ties be cut off of the people and the people

It is a karate school to train the mind and body

Morning Karate class


The morning , to the time of self- investment in yourself!

By changing the morning , you can change the thinking .

Tuseday Shinagawa-dojo.

wednesday Ebisu/Hiroo-dojo.



Conditions of participation ?
Beginners , people who want to start a karate , is a program that people can participate who want to polish their own .
Men not only , you will what you can also participate in the women .
You can participate regardless of age .
Karate is a lifelong sport , there is the idea that practice is to perform a lifetime .
You can also participate anyone who a long time ago if it sometimes did karate .
Start from the white belt , by continuing a neat program , you can be promoted to black belt .

Why morning ?

In how to spend the morning , one day change ! Put the fresh air , that awaken the head , go well work in the morning is efficiency .

In order to overcome the stress of modern society , first , I was First Start the morning class that can control the business class at their own will


Where is the place where the class ?


Ebisu/Hiroo Dojo

Is a 6-minute walk from Ebisu Station .
Shibuya-ku Hiroo1-9-18-BF1
渋谷区広尾1丁目9-18 加藤ビルBF1 協力park5 恵比寿道場地図

Ebisu/Hiroo Dojo

Wednesday 7 am 15 minutes to class start every week.(60 min Class)

Open , it will be 7 pm

Center and was the basics of karate type , slowly over time , the class which makes remember the body .
By centering on the type , age and , without being bound by gender , will anyone be able to participate in class .

Morning , by breathing , by putting a lot of oxygen , will be the efficiency of work in the morning is go up dramatically .

In Morning class , it will be well received by the White T-shirt .

Experience also are accepted at any time . First of all , please contact us .

Morning karate business class

Monthly fee 7,000 yen +tax

Monthly fee plus tax
Adult ( 15 years of age or older ) 7,000 yen
Senior ( 65 years of age or older ) 5,000 yen
※ uniforms fee full 15,000 yen 8,000 yen for the class
Towards the first arrival 10 people , gi gift !
※What ‘ll you have
Admission fee ( 5,000 yen )
Month membership fee one month※※
Bank or postal savings of registered seal ( monthly fee bank debit )※※

If you wish to use a credit card , so we have to use the Paypal, please tell the staff .

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